About Us

We started in 2014 by opening our first traditional car wash store. In 2017 we launched our mobile application.

We focus on 3 important things

Easy Booking

High Quality

Fair Price

The sweater App is founded by highly passionate and optimistic Saudi youths, their biggest concerns are success and excellence

We are privileged to connect with more than 50,000 customers

And delivering more than 140,000 car wash services

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission strives to achieve greater level of customers satisfaction, and high level of bikers’ prosperity.

Our Vision is to be the leading App for mobile car wash and detailing services in Saudi and Middle East.

Our Features

4 Chemicals dedicated to cleaning and polishing cars
4 New towels for each car
Brush to clean the air-conditioning vents
Waste bag
Car fragrance

Our services


Internal & External

For Car

37 Riyals

* Prices are including VAT

How To Book

You can download the Sweater app Via the links blow

Contact Us

We will answer all your inquiries, all you have to do is fill out the form below